Monday, December 12, 2011

Wildcats and Zeroes

I staged a few photos over the weekend of my CY6 stuff done to date. I'll start today with some Wildcats and Zeroes. More shots to come. I didn't get any of my Devastators (magnet issue) or Kates (almost done, just waiting on a decal replenishment order).

I also have written up a few scenarios that will need testing. They are all pretty basic and don't require a ton of aircraft (or players). Perfect for me, who is short on both! Let me know if you are interested. Here's a brief summary:
  1. 4x P-40E vs. Zeroes, Vals and Kates in the Aleutians
  2. 2x P-38 vs. 4x Mavis in the Aleutians (OK, 4x Mavis could be cost-prohibitive... I might use some artistic license and change to Rufes)
  3. Seagulls vs. Rufes in the Aleutians, for you floatplane fans. Though I don't see Seagulls available. Might change to Kingfishers.
  4. 2x P-36 vs. Kates, Pearl Harbor
  5. 2x P-36 vs. Zeroes, Pearl Harbor

The latter two are especially simple, and as I included 4x P-36 in my recent order, I hope to run them soon.

On with the eye candy (all models Raiden 1/285):
Two A6M2 Zeroes hot on the tail of a couple F4F Wildcats.

Flipping the tables - on a Zero's tail.

Close up of a Zero.

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  1. Those look really good. I really like that close up of the Zero.