Tuesday, December 6, 2011

CY6 Order Placed

An addendum to this morning's post. I placed an order to I-94 Enterprises for some Wildcats, Dauntlesses, Devastators, P-36s, Vals and Zeros. Not a ton of them, but enough to boost my existing forces to be able to do the Coral Sea scenarios and most of the Midway scenarios. Of greater concern will be collecting enough players!

The P-36s are just for something different. I'm thinking about painting two of them as Pearl Harbor defenders, and two in Chinese markings. Which means I will need Chinese markings. Which means I might as well get some I-16s and maybe even some P-26s. Which means I might as well get some Nates and Nells. See how this works?

Addendum the second: I just worked out a fairly quick wishlist, on top of what I ordered this morning, and it came to $325. Yeah, that's not happening.

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