Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sandpiper Baltimore Privateer

Here's one going back in the dusty vault. I built this probably 12 years ago or so. But proof that I have done sailing ships before!

If memory serves, this was a Heller kit. Pretty basic paint job, you can see I didn't attempt to weather anything, or even wash or highlight anything. Still turned out looking pretty nice, and the rigging went reasonably well and I think still looks good, especially considering I've moved several times since and it has always survived!

I just got thinking about this as I prepare to rig the wee Guerriere.

In other on the bench news, I prepped the Constitution last night, and am almost finished with the decals on the Foyt Olds. I think just some stripes on the back and it will be ready for clearcoat. I'd like to get that one wrapped up. I also hope to get back to the Kates, maybe today, since those are so close. And I'd like to get a start on the new aircraft.

Fortunately, we are probably a little ahead of schedule on the Christmas preparations, so it's possible I may have some hobby time this weekend. That will be nice. Alas, for any of you out there wondering, the Mustang project has really stalled. Who wants to go out in the garage this time of year?

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