Tuesday, December 13, 2011


A few more from my staged photoshoot, a small formation of Japanese Aichi D3A Val dive bombers. Raiden 1/285 models. I've already been asked how I painted these, so here's a brief outline:
  1. Prime grey
  2. Go over panel lines with a black technical pen to "preshade"
  3. Airbrush a mix of Floquil concreted lightened slightly with Dirty White. This allows the panels to still show through, but not be overwhelming. I did not want to do a wash, as I was going for a clean effect.
  4. Cockpits are dark sky blue, then drybrushed a lighter sky blue and finally highlighted with just a dot of white - all Vallejo paints
  5. Various other details, eg cowling, picked out with a brush
  6. Decals from I-94. I spot brush some Testors acrylic gloss where the decals are to be placed.
  7. Clear coat

That's really it. These are relatively easy to paint, and are a nice break from lines of blue, grey or red!
Looks like when I grabbed some to shoot, I grabbed some
from different carriers.Note the blue and white stripes. Oops!

As a side note today, I have the Guerriere pretty much painted and assembled, but am now facing the task of rigging. I have a pretty good technique honed on WWI 1/72 aircraft I think will work. Wish me luck.

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