Wish List

I-94 Enterprises
(In no particular order)
1x Guadlcanal scenario book
9x CAJS8 Betty (@$7.50/$67.50)
4x CAUS44 P-39 (@$2.50/$10)
4x CAUS50 P-26 (@$2.50/$10)
6x CAJS15 A5M Claude (@$2.50/$15)
2x GBR013 Gladiator (@$3.25/$6.50)
4x RUS001 I-16 (@$2.75/$11)
?x RUS002 Tupolev (@$4.50)
6(12)x CAJS14 Sally (@$5.25/$31.50)
6x CAJS12 Oscar (@2.50/$15)
6(9)x CAJS11 Nate (@$2.50/$15)
6x CAJS7 G3M Nell (@$7.50/$45)
2x GBR003 Hurricane Mk 1 (@$2.75/$5.50)
3x JAP009 A6M2 Zero (@$3/$9)
2x USA004 F4F Wildcat (@$3/$6)
6x USA018 P-40B/C (@$3/$18)
2(4)x USA005 Buffalo (@$3/$5-12)
3X JAP004 Val
4x+ USA003 Dauntless

Hotz Mats
European field mat

Teddy bears
Misc AB Miniatures Napoleonics to fill gaps in Liberators
AWI Marbleheaders
AWI Brunswickers

Grenadier Miniatures (Liberators)

Force of Arms/AGN (Haven't decided)
2x T-26

Warlord Games
2x Belgian chasseurs ardennais squad
1x Belgian in adrian helmet squad
1x Belgian T-15
1x BEF officers
3x British lorries
?x British tanks?
(BEF highlanders? Belgian MMG team?)

Paper Terrain
1. European village #1 ($70)
2. North Russian hamlet ($40)
3. Stone bridges (20 mm) ($20)
4. American farmhouse ($40)

GHQ (Warweb)
251 18 gun brig ($7.43)
151 20 gun corvette ($7.43)
252 20 gun sloop ($7.43)

Battle Honors (Warweb)
French mechanized infantry
Maybe French line infantry
WW1 Austrians for use as WW2 Norwegians?

Burns Miniatures (Rif Raf)
WW2 Greeks. Not really on the radar at all as far as gaming, but the obscure cool factor is high.