Friday, September 9, 2016

You Shall Not Pass... or Enter!

I've had some time lately (long story, despite the lack of blog posts), so I have been resurrecting some long-ago terrain projects.

First up to show are a bridge and stockade from Acheson Creations for use in 28mm Dark Age games. I've set them up with a few of my Saxons. Just try to get across this bridge, Viking! Or enter this stronghold!

Oh, who am I kidding. A few bad rolls of Saga dice, and they will probably run away!

These are very good pieces, though I must learn to clean them better. I don't know what Acheson uses for release agents, but it's the toughest on any resin I have encountered. These, especially the stockade, were particularly tricky getting paint to stick.

I've seen some people will actually run them through a dishwasher, but I'm fearful of that. But regular hot water and dish soap doesn't seem to cut it, either. I have a few other crates and barrels I just finished up (no photos yet) that I doused liberally in Wesley's Bleach White Tire Cleaner and let soak a few days. That seemed to do the trick, and primer and paint went on those better.

Regardless, Acheson has a great variety of goodies, and the design and casting is top notch, and the prices very reasonable. They are well worth the extra time and effort to prep them for painting. These should look great in a Saga game. Come and get us, Viking!