Monday, December 5, 2011

Serenity Now

So my wife is often saying I need more relaxing hobbies. Usually that comes after I express some frustration at a poor paint job. This weekend it was a direct result of college football.

Suffice to say my team lost a big game, and consequently got the proverbial shaft in the broken system that is the BCS. I'm not naive, I know it's all about money and not merit, and I should recognize it's just a valuable lesson that life is not fair, but it really, really ticked me off. I've been steadily weaning myself from college football for years, going from having season tickets and watching every game I could on TV, to dropping the tickets and watching most of my team's games on TV and few others. My respect - and hence my interest in this particular hobby - is dwindling further. It's just frustrating to see something I once enjoyed be destroyed by greed. But I guess that's humanity for you.

At least this could open up more time for my many other hobbies.

For the record, I'm generally not nearly as upset at a paint job or modelling dilemma as my wife thinks I am. I think it's just an misinterpretation of expression. (Though a few rusted bolts on the Mustang have led to some colorful language out in the garage...) Anyone else have this issue? Should I take up meditation? Does he look relaxed?

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