Monday, December 19, 2011

Clear Coat and Bench Update ... and a Stray Spitfire

Well, the clear settled in well enough, but it is a bit glossier than I would like. It's more of a semi-matte than a flat finish. I guess it looks OK on the Kates, even though it doesn't really match the other aircraft I've done. I think I'll stick with good 'ol Testors Dullcote in the future.

I made reasonable progress on the new aircraft this weekend, getting at least the base coats on the new P-36s, F4Fs and Devastators. I need new decals for at least two of the P-36s, and I haven't done a full inventory to see if I have enough US decals for the others. I may not, so we'll see if I actually get those finished before Spartacon. I was going to start work on the Sally bombers, but I don't have any Green Stuff on hand to repair the miscast nacelle, so that's delayed for the time being.

In the meantime, here is a Spitfire I did probably close to 15 years ago, long before CY6, and for reasons I still can't explain as I never gamed any other aerial combat before CY6! So while not up to current standards, who knows, it may see the table some day.

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