Friday, December 2, 2011

Fast Friday: John Andretti 1997 Ford

While my primary motorsport interest is definitely Indy cars, I do occasionally build something with fenders. But as you'll see the more of these I post, I tend to build cars driven by drivers associated in some way to Indy.

Take for example this 1997 driven by John Andretti. John, of course, is the nephew of Mario and cousin of Michael. His dad is Mario's twin brother Aldo. Racing seems to be a family thing a lot of times. Take the Unsers, Bettenhausens, Pettys and Allisons, among others. But few carry the panache of the Andrettis.

This is actually the "newest" NASCAR model I have done, though I have a Tony Stewart kit I need to build one of these days from 2003. John didn't enjoy the greatest success in NASCAR, but he did drive this car to victory in the July race at Daytona. Still, few can question he is one of the most versatile drivers out there, having also competed in drag racers and other forms of racing.

If memory serves, this was a Revell kit with decals from Slixx, but I could be wrong on that. I'm also pretty sure I used Testors lacquer for the paint.

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