Friday, December 16, 2011

Fast Friday: 1975 Bobby Unser Eagle

Here's another that could technically be better, but for what it is didn't turn out half bad.

I like to call these '70s Indy cars winged monsters. They were brutes, and speeds were going up like crazy. In 1975, Bobby Unser piloted this Eagle to his second Indy 500 win.

I built this replica from the old AMT kit, which for the 1970s probably wasn't bad, but is lacking in some detail now. The Bill Jorgensen resin upgrade kit would be more accurate. Still, I forged ahead, and did the best I could with it and am pleased with the outcome. I like how the engine is just out there for the world to see. The paint was simple - Testors sky blue from the little square bottle, though again a Tamiya spray would probably be better. The kit decals are trash, no surprise, so I used the always superb Indycals. The Indycals set is probably designed to fit the Jorgensen kit, so some trimming was necessary here and there, but I think the overall impression works and this one holds a proud spot in the display cabinet.

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