Friday, December 9, 2011

Fast Friday: 1988 Raul Boesel Lola

I built this one close to ten years ago, and it probably shows. This is the one that got me back into car modelling - I hadn't built one in probably 15 years. Most of that time I spent either painting minis or building other models. I built a lot of 1/72 WWI airplanes. One of the main reasons was the prospect of attempting to lay down a smooth gloss paint job on a car terrified me.

But this one was worth a shot, and it was still before I was married and I was living alone, so what the heck. I probably should have picked a single colored car for the first one! This one was a bit tricky to mask off and paint with three separate colors. I'm sure I would do better now. The other main issue with this one is the mirrors are missing! I distinctly remember taking them out to my "spray booth" (read: a cardboard box in the garage at the time...), but from there I have no idea. I searched and searched, but they never did turn up.

Anyway, there is really nothing special about this, other than it was the first of many Indy car models to come after, and served as a good practice run. The decals are from the Domino's kit, which actually represents a March. However, Boesel ran a Lola at Indy, and so I used a Lola Amway kit. The decals are awful, and I've been tempted to redo this car with decals from Indycals. Standard Testors paints from the square bottle applied with an airbrush.

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