Thursday, December 1, 2011

Spirit of '76 at Up the Creek Brewing

It's been a busy couple of weeks over at Up the Creek Brewing. I have a Belgian Dubbel carbonating at the moment that will be ready for labeling and conditioning in the fridge this weekend. That's right on schedule for some holiday consumption!

And there's also an oatmeal stout contentedly fermenting away in the keg. That had some good krausen earlier in the week, and has settled down and is looking good. That's a good week or maybe two from bottling, which means I won't be drinking any until mid-January at the earliest. Should be good on some cold winter nights.

In the meantime, I opened this one up last week for dinner one night. It was made earlier last summer, but still has a great taste. Mr. Beer labels it as a colonial red ale, so I took the revolutionary approach of renaming it 1776 Ale. Astute observers may notice a certain resemblance between my label and a classic Avalon Hill game from many moons ago...


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