Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Taking Flight: In a CY6 Mood

Maybe it's because tomorrow is December 7, maybe it's because Spartacon is coming up in a month, I don't know, but I got in a bit of a Check Your Six! mood last night. I updated the CY6 link at the top of this blog to accurately reflect the forces I have thus far. The only thing to complete on that list is I need to apply decals to the Kates.

As you can see, it's heavily slanted to Pacific carrier warfare. However, I have for some time considered starting a collection for the Chinese theater, and possibly even some British for Burma, etc.

So as is a gamer's wont, I started compiling yet another wishlist, and analyzing old wishlists. On the one hand, I like CY6 because you don't need a hundred minis, but when I start looking at what I do want, it does add up quickly. And I need to remind myself my hobby finances have still not improved that much. Plus I did just buy a new model Indy car last week...

So I could wait a month and buy direct from I-94 at Spartacon, or I could order some now.

Or come to the realization I don't have an opponent to play any time soon and bag the whole project. Sigh.

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