Monday, December 12, 2011

Ack! A New Period?

Something new made it's way to the workbench Sunday. If you can't tell, it's a 1/1200 scale 36-gun frigate from GHQ, in this case destined (well, hopefully...) to represent HMS Guerriere. I bought a few of these back in the spring after seeing a French man o' war painted up by my erstwhile opponent. Neither of us have ever ventured much into naval gaming, with the exception of a very brief foray into 1/4800 WW2 using Bismarck rules many, many years ago. (I still have the Hood and some other British ships...)

Anyway, I also bought a USS Constitution and a xebec from GHQ, so I can at least do a frigate duel and maybe some Barbary coast action. Depending on how it goes, I might pick up some more frigates, schooners, brigs and sloops for small actions. I have no delusions of Trafalgar grandeur here.

I must admit, so far (post-photo) this is painting up nicely. We'll see once I start rigging.

In a way, it's surprising I never have done this before. I've long been a ship buff, and have read several of the O'Brien books. And I remember reading about Old Ironsides from way back and being fascinated by it. And as someone who lives in Michigan, the Great Lakes are a big part of everything, and I did buy some Langton Great Lakes ships several years ago that are still languishing in a drawer. So much to do!

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