Friday, September 9, 2011

The Regulars Are Coming!

Let's start the gaming portion of this program with an era I have probably put the most time and effort into - and played the most games over the years: The AWI in 25/28.

Truthfully, the vast majority of my AWI figures are American. I really have very few British, as one of my very talented colleagues took up the task to paint up that side of the conflict. We don't see each other often anymore, but did get together in March to play out a good game of Weitzel's Mill, a precursor to Guilford Courthouse. It was a case of me trying to defend too many river crossings with too few troops, and some good tactics by my worthy opponent carried the day. Alas!

Anyway, as I said, I have rather few British, and pretty much you are looking at the only line troops I have done. While I like to depict actual units whenever possible, especially with specialist units like Dragoons and such, for basic line troops I don't worry about it so much, especially with the British. I mean, a red coat is a red coat, right? So essentially these chaps will do for any early war unit with green or blue facings.

A word on figures as we go on: The bulk of my AWI are from Old Glory, but I also use Front Rank, Dixon, Foundry and Perry, as well as Battle Honors, which is what these happen to be. I don't think you see too many Battle Honors, but as I was very pleased with the WW2 figures produced by them, I thought I would give them a shot. I think they paint up quite nicely. The only problem as I recall is some of them had epaulettes, which I simply filed off.

I had hoped to get some of the Americans posted, but they were stashed pretty deep in the stash and I didn't feel like digging to get them out for their photo op. Soon.

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