Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Eyes on Him..."

Let's face it, Indy car model building is at best a niche hobby. The major kit manufacturers have all but ignored this subset for more than 20 years. Fortunately, there have been a few dedicated souls out there with the creative talents to feed the fix of your average Joe builder like me who remains interested in modelling those who have participated in the Greatest Spectacle in Racing.

In addition to the likes of Bill Jorgensen, Lance Sellers and Chris Etzel, One of these talents is Calvin Sallee (I think I spelled it right?), a young man from the Pacific Northwest who has taken it upon himself to fill in the gaps in my favorite era, the early '80s, when I first became interested in racing. Here is a shot of his latest resin kit, an '83 March. In the early to mid '80s, March was perhaps the dominant chassis manufacturer, and it is terribly exciting to finally have a kit available of this iconic car. I plan to order two, one for Teo Fabi, that year's pole sitter, and one for Tom Sneva, the 500 winner. Michael at Indycals - another invaluable asset to the hobby - has indicated decals will be available for both, along with a possible Foyt set.

I already have Calvin's '82 Wildcat, which is superb in every way. And I recently sent in a pre-order for Lance's '63 Novi driven by Bobby Unser. Now if I only had time to build these things!

Oh, and if you didn't "get" the headline, it's just one of the many catch phrases of legendary track announcer Tom Carnegie, the voice of the Speedway.

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