Friday, September 9, 2011

British WW2

Eventually I'll go into more detail on how I got interested in WW2 skirmish, but suffice to say I have had delusions of getting enough early war British together to take on the German juggernaut in Norway and hold the line against the blitzkrieg in France. And this is as far as I have gotten on that little adventure. Just a handful of Crusader minis done. There are several more in the pile, even a couple that have some paint on them, so hopefully one of these days this project will simmer to the top again.

My plan is to use Arc of Fire as well as the Skirmish Campaign books. For these, the books on Norway and Dunkirk are of course most appropriate. One of my main hangups on WW2 is vehicles, both in terms of cost and ultimately storage. Given my limited gaming opportunities at this point, it's hard to justify either one. And so, they wait.

Before closing, I have had my eye on some minis and vehicles from BEF Miniatures for a while, but see they have been sold to Warlord. Must keep an eye on that.

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