Thursday, September 8, 2011

1973 Gary Bettenhausen McLaren Offy

1973 is often regarded as the worst Indy 500 ever. It took three days to run due to rain, there were multiple fatalities over the month and they finally called it after 133 laps, declared Gordon Johncock the winner and sent everyone home. Most everyone was just glad to get out of there after a miserable month. Still, the era does represent some of the coolest looking cars, what I call winged monsters. Here is Gary Bettenhausen's McLaren Offy that started fifth and finished fifth. This was built from the vintage AMT kit with just a few modifications to the wings. Decals are from Indycals, which if you are into this type of thing, are second to none. Far better than what came in the kit. Not that '70s vintage decals had much of a chance anyway.

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