Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pilothouse Pilsner

Here's a brief look at what's going on over at Up the Creek Brewing (motto: We can get you there from here!) Several years ago I received a Mr. Beer home brewing set, and have had rather good success with it. At least so far as none of it has been completely undrinkable! One of the latest to come out of conditioning is this Pilothouse Pilsner. I usually go for stouts or dark ales, but this looked good and I'm glad I tried it. A nice late summer beer.

Next week my True North Maple Wheat (made with maple syrup, though it's somewhat difficult to detect) will be ready. Last weekend I bottled something new for me, an apple pie flavored beer. That's carbonating right now. Generally beer brewing is a six week process: Two weeks to ferment in the keg, two weeks to carbonate in the bottles at room temp, and two weeks to condition in the fridge. (Though the apple pie took three weeks to ferment.)

I told you I have too many hobbies. Cheers!

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