Monday, September 26, 2011

Here Come the Rebels

I guess it's about time I put up some pictures of the Confederates I've done. I like to give Confederates sort of a ragged, mixed bag look with a variety of greys and browns. These are not representative of any specific unit, just a generic regiment that can fill in almost anywhere. These are all Dixon minis, with the usual mix of Testors acrylics and Vallejo paint.

In a way, they are easier to paint than Union troops because any color really will work, but in a way they are harder because they are not as uniform and I am changing colors frequently. One of these days I will do a full count, but I think I have about nine regiments, all about this size.

As for my weekend plans, of course I didn't get as far as I hoped. I did get the sand down on the bases of a couple more Union regiments, but I need to drybrush and add grass yet.

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