Thursday, September 8, 2011


I've been thinking about a blog for a while. Actually, I started one a while ago called Up the Creek, which inspired this title, Without a Paddle. But while the other blog was about generalities of life, I hope to keep this one more focused on my hobbies. And that is a definite plural on hobbies, the primary three being restoring my '65 Mustang, building models (mostly race cars) and wargaming. Well, at least painting wargames minis. The gaming sessions are unfortunately few and far between.

And there are more hobbies that will certainly sneak in from time to time, such as home brewing my own beer, tracing the family tree, fishing, etc.

Over the summer, the focus was on the Mustang, but that's stalled out at the moment (no pun intended) for a few reasons. Mostly because the car itself has been taken to the shop for body work I can't do, and the motor is torn apart about as far as I can take it without help. Fortunately the brother-in-law has the talent for that, and hopefully will be over this weekend. But also the days are getting shorter and cooler and it's time to start up on indoor activities - modelling and painting.

I've been working on a '87 A.J. Foyt Olds, but discovered the right side roll cage is broken. Don't you hate that? I've salvaged an old part from a kit I built as a kid and need to strip it down and do a little scraping, but it will work. In the meantime...

I dug out some minis to paint! I like painting minis as it is something I can pick up and spend just a little bit of time here and there. Did I mention I have two-year-old twins at home? So yes, you take the time when you can, mostly after bedtime and early in the morning. I've gotten back in the routine this week of being able to spend 30-45 minutes each morning before the babysitter arrives and I have to go to work.

I'll get more into the periods I'm interested in in future posts, but suffice to say it's a lot. It's a wargamer's curse, I suppose, to lack focus. I've been painting some 25mm ACW this week, but also took advantage of a recent sale to jump headfirst into a new period: South American Wars of Liberation. If you are a gamer and haven't seen it, John Fletcher's Liberators! materials are top notch. More when my order arrives...

That's a lot of ground covered in a short space. I've been inspired by other gaming blogs like Giles Allison's and Steve the Wargamers, as well as various model sites and restoration blogs. Hopefully you'll find something interesting here!

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