Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Toys - Liberators!

It's always exciting to start in on a new period, and to get that first package with all those fresh, unpainted figures. I'd had my eye on these South American Wars of Independence figures from Grenadier Productions for a while, and a 25% off sale over the Labor Day weekend ended up being just the push I needed.

I bought the first book in John Fletcher's series a while ago and was quite impressed, but hadn't taken it any farther until now. I must say I am doubly impressed. Great resource books that tell you almost anything you would want to know about uniforms, organization and individual battle scenarios. And the figures as sculpted by Mike Broadbent are outstanding. I haven't painted 15s in a while, but the detail on these is so nice I am really looking forward to it.

Given my usual pace, it will be a while before I have anything close to a game, even if I can find an opponent!

The bulk of what you see here is based on the British Legion setting. I have some British, some Venezuelan regulars, some llanero militia and some Royalists, as well as some artillery. I need to do some more research as to where to start, and undoubtedly I will ultimately need some more to fill some holes. But for now, aren't they nice to look at?

(Photos are the overall collection, Royalist General Pezuela and staff and some British legionnaires.)

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