Monday, January 23, 2012

Wait Five Minutes

An old saying in Michigan: "If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes, it will change."

Remember the other day I commented the thermometer read -2 when I headed off to work? Yeah, today it was 44. Nothing like a 46 degree swing in a matter of days to get your sinuses some exercise! And let's not forget the thunderstorms last night. Or rather early this morning, which caused my wife and I to lay awake in bed fretting about the power. You see, we have a sump pump, which I am convinced is the work of the devil himself. Evil, evil little machine. And it's located in our laundry room downstairs, where many of my hobby supplies are stored. I lost a complete paper old west town to water a few years ago. Along with our carpet, a couple feet of drywall, etc.... Most everything is now stored in plastic boxes or high enough it would take a significant flood, but anything is possible around here.

Plus I'm convinced we live above an underground river. Our crock has water in it ALL the time. Even in August there is a trickle. And the guy across the street says his pump has kicked on maybe twice in eight years. At times like this, ours kicks on every few minutes. Absurd.

A lesson in redundancy: We have a second primary pump, a backup battery pump, a water-pressure pump, an inverter for a car battery (so we can plug in a primary pump while running the car) and a generator. Which all works great, so long as we are home. We have to rely on the battery backup when we're not.

Could be an interesting spring. Again.

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