Thursday, January 19, 2012

P-40 Preview and CY6 Musings

Here's one of the P-40s from Scotia I did last spring. I have four of these. Last weekened at Spartacon, I picked up six of the new P-40B/C from Raiden. Four of them are destined to be Flying Tigers, the other US Army Air Corps, with an eye on at least one Pearl Harbor scenario. Ever since I was a kid, the P-40 has probably been my favorite WW2 airplane. Something about it to me is just what a fighter plane is supposed to look like. Plus, how can you not like the shark mouth?

In the meantime, I got the overall basecoat on three Nates and the undersurfaces of three Oscars done last night, and started work on the canopies and cowlings for the five Zeroes on the table. I've also got five Devastators pretty far along, and two Chinese P-36s just waiting decals. Waiting to receive those from Dom's Decals. Hopefully soon the airfleet will be quite a bit larger!

Also, I hope one of these days to update progress on how I plan to do stands. The first effort didn't work so well, but I have an idea how to fix it.


  1. Here's what I've done with decals. First, I brush on a light coat of acrylic clear gloss on the area where the decal will go. Decals adhere better to gloss than flat paint. Then I put on a setting agent where it will go immediately before applying the decal. Usually that's enough to get it to set long enough to apply a dullcote when dry to seal everything in place.

    If all else fails, I mix a little white glue with water and stick it on that way!

    The trickiest part with these is they are just so small and fiddly, making tweezers a necessity.