Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Some Germans While I Wait

While waiting for more of my French to arrive, along with a new assortment of Vallejo paint, here are some Battle Honors Germans I did a while back. I'll need to do a lot more, I suppose, unless I can talk someone else into doing some. I also have some fallschirmjagers to do, but my likely opponent also has those, so those are low priority for me.

I'm very seriously considering redoing my BEF figs. I used a black wash instead of brown, and it is just way too dark. Fortunately I've only done one squad and a Vickers team.

I also basecoated five Zeroes last night for CY6. So that project is ongoing as well.

I'm actually excited, I don't think there is anything on the agenda this weekend at all. A true rarity. I'm sure there will be the usual cleaning and housework to do, but I hope to get some good painting in this weekend. And eventually I need to get back to the race cars, too!


  1. I like them, I think they're fine.....

  2. Very nice figures!!
    See now you've jinxed yourself, never ever say, you've got nothing to do at the weekend!! You never know who'e listening!!!! You'll be putting up shelves or decorating the bedroom before you know it!!!!

  3. Ha! Ray, you're probably right! I'll probably be put to work either cleaning the closets, sorting out the laundry/hobby room, organizing the kitchen cabinets or some such task! And I've only got two daughters, not four like you!