Friday, January 20, 2012

Fast Friday: First Signs of Spring

It's mid-January and the thermometer read -2 this morning (Fahrenheit, mind you) here in mid-Michigan, but thoughts of a new racing season are at hand.

Several drivers tested the new Dallara Indy car at Sebring in Florida this week, to apparently good reviews. All three engines took the course, including Lotus for the first time, along with Honda and Chevy. I'm particularly excited to see Chevy back in the game. I haven't heard the new cars yet, but apparently the V-6 turbos sound good according to those present, and there are three distinct notes. That will be a very welcome change.

I'm still not entirely sold on the new look, but I'm sure it will grow on me. Next year's aero kits will make a big difference, I think. The cars have needed to look different for a while. And if they are safer, that's all that matters.

Anyway, today we'll take a break from my model cars and take a look at New Zealander Scott Dixon at the Sebring test. By the way, the new Dallara is known as the DW12, named in honor of Dan Wheldon, who did much of the initial testing.

There are also strong rumors Milwaukee will be a late addition to the schedule, so at least there is one more oval. Hopefully there will be more once the new car has proven itself.

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