Tuesday, January 31, 2012

CY6 Plan - For Now

So I've examined, and reexamined, my wishlist of aircraft for CY6. It's rather large. In the end, I decided upon a phased plan of acquirement. At least for now.

This week, I placed an order for something of an eclectic mix to fill in some immediate holes that will allow me to play the Guadalcanal scenario books. That includes some P-39s, some Betty bombers, etc. Plus some Hurricanes and P-38s to do some of the smaller scenarios out there, as well as some of my Aleutians scenarios that I will introduce at some point.

After that, my plan is fourfold, as budget allows:
  1. Finish the US carrier component. This whole project started with carrier battles in mind, so that means add to the existing fleet of F4Fs and Dauntlesses, and get some Avengers and Vindicators, plus a few others. That should pretty much let me do Midway, and really any of the '42 carrier battles.
  2. Finish off the Japanese. Well, more or less. At least to the point of acceptability. That means some Nells, a Mavis, some Rufes and Hamps. That should let me do my Aleutians scenarios, as well as have a good start toward Guadalcanal 2.
  3. Add to the US Army Air Force. Time for some American heavy hitters - B-24s, B-17s, plus some additional P-39s and P-38s. New Guinea, anyone?
  4. Peripheral stuff. One of my ultimate goals is early Sino-Japanese stuff, e.g., P-26s, I-16s and the like against A5M Claudes and such. Plus I'd like to look at RAAF and even Dutch East Indies stuff, including Hurricanes, Beaufighters, P-36s, more Buffaloes and the like. This list is perhaps the most nebulous at the moment, and may depend on scenario developments.

Somewhere in there I should get some Corsairs and F6Fs, too. Haven't worked that in yet. After that, it will be a matter of filling in holes and hunting down more obscure stuff, like Hawk IIIs for China. We'll see if I can stick to this plan. It's unlikely the entire thing will get done in 2012, but if I can at least get 1 and 2 done, that should keep me plenty busy.


  1. And probably one that is way too ambitious! What with all of the other ideas knocking around in my head.

  2. Blimy you've got your work cut out here!!!