Monday, January 9, 2012

First Gaming Purchases of 2012

Post-holiday, budget constraints have not been lifted. Oh, there is plenty I would like to buy for my hobbies, but I'm reaching a few realizations:
  1. I'm never going to get to everything
  2. I need to sell off some of what I have and use the proceeds to fund the hobbies
  3. I need to finish (or at least make progress on) what I have, both "hot" projects and those long put aside
  4. The Mustang is going to eat up some cash this spring, and I need to be prepared

That said, I have budgeted some funds to take to Spartacon this weekend with the intent to buy some CY6 planes from Dave at I-94, who will be in attendance. I think the CY6 project is a worthy one at this time, especially given I've actually played a couple games! An anomaly, to be sure.

That said, the second, I did spend a small bit of money over the weekend on gaming. To wit:
  1. The Black Tree Design sale was too good to pass up, and I ordered some fallschirmjagers. I don't really need them, but I already have a small collection of FJ, and this fills in a couple holes. So when I do paint them up, I should have all I need. I ordered a mortar team, a communications team a few riflemen and a PAK 36 (that was the frivolous one), all for just over $20. Not bad, especially with free shipping.
  2. Three files of paper models from Paper Tiger, including a Russian truck, a German truck, a kubelwagen, Sdkfz 251 and Sdkfz 222. I just couldn't justify ~$30 for each of those given how infrequently they will likely see the table. $3 is a great deal, if I can figure out assembly!

Next what I need to do is compile a list of what I want for 2012 and start prioritizing. I'd like to do that this week, and maybe create one of these posts that I can come back and edit as needed.

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