Friday, January 6, 2012

Fast Friday: 1978 Rick Mears PC-6

Now returning to regularly scheduled Fridays in 2012...

In 1978 a young rookie named Rick Mears qualified for the Indy 500 driving for the Captain, Roger Penske. Perhaps you've now heard of Rick Mears? He went on to win the prestigious event four times.

I'd guess anyone who has ever dabbled much at all in Indy car model building has built one of these old AMT PC-6s at one time or another. It was the first Indy car I ever did as a kid. I think I've done at least five of them over the years now. This one turned out the best, though of course there are still flaws. The main additions were filling in the bulkhead behind the seat, adding skirts and wiring. Painted with Tamiya, decals the always superb Indycals.

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