Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Liberators! Update, and Resisting Temptation

It isn’t much of an update, but I did finally go through the Liberators! page here and at least listed out my inventory. I’ve been perusing the books again, and wishing I had the time to dedicate to this project. They really are gorgeous figures.

At the same time, I find my eye wandering toward the southern theater, while the figures I have are for the north. Do I really need to buy more stuff!? No, but dang it’s cool.

This on the heels of being sorely tempted by Warlord Games’ new WWII Belgian anti-tank gun, and, oh, have you seen the stuff from Capitan Miniatures? 18 mm boarding actions between Americans and Barbary pirates? With minis in the same beautiful style as these Liberators! Must resist temptation and paint up some of what I have…

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  1. I'm afraid the ooh shiny disease will soon have you in its clutches!