Friday, May 11, 2012

Fast Friday: 1978 Tom Sneva PC-6

I realized it has been a while since I actually posted one of my models on a Fast Friday. With Indy practice set to start, it seemed time to remedy that.
Here is Tom Sneva’s 1978 Penske PC-6. While not the first over 200 mph (Tom did that the year before in a McLaren), this was the first to complete all four qualifying laps over 200, including a one-lap record of 203.620, good for the pole.

Driving for Roger Penske, Sneva also ran a strong race, but came up just 8 seconds short behind Al Unser, contributing to his “bridesmaid” reputation. Sneva would finish second at Indy three times (1977, 1978, 1980) before finally winning in 1983.

This was built with the venerable AMT PC-6 kit. It’s actually the Bobby Unser version, which carries the No. 1 Sneva had at Indy in 1978. So mostly I was able to use kit decals (believe it or not), but I did create my own SNEVA for the cowling. I did not make all of the corrections really required to make this a good model, such as the bulkhead behind the seat. If memory serves, I used straight-up Testors enamel rattle can paints. I may have used a couple extra contingency decals from other sources - I can't recall!

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