Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Indy Wrapup 2012

Well, I’m back from Indy. Wow, what a race. Record number of lead changes (35) among ten different drivers. That’s amazing. Slightly disappointed in ended under a yellow, but hey, the guy was going for the lead on the final lap of the Indy 500. Can’t blame them.

I was pulling for Ed Carpenter in that final stretch, then Tony Kanaan, but Dario is a worthy champion. He can be abrasive at times, and sure his wife can get annoying after a while, but he gets Indy.

The other thing about this weekend was it was HOT. They said it was only 91 on Sunday, but they take that temp at the airport. Must be under a tree, too. It couldn’t have been less than 95 at the track. Track temp was in the 130s. Fortunately our seats are in the shade, so we managed OK. Lots of water and Gatorade consumption. The day before we sat around in the shade a lot. I did get to the memorabilia show and saw some of my fellow Indycar modelers, which is nice. It’s always good to put faces with names. And as you can see from the photo, our accommodations are for true race fans only. J

This was my 32nd Indy 500. I’ll reorder my tickets this week for the same seats. I don’t know how they will top this one, but then again, I say that every year. And somehow they do.

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