Friday, May 4, 2012

Fast Friday: It's May!

May. The best month of the year for race fans. Of course, for me, the Indianapolis 500 is the linchpin of the whole thing. I’ve only missed the Memorial Day classic once since 1980, and have been to every one since 1985.

The race has lost some of its luster over the last 15 years or so, but it is still something special on race day. The introduction of multiple engine manufacturers this year helps, but only Chevy and Honda seem to have any get-up-and-go, while the Lotus looks more like an anchor. And the cars are all still Dallaras and look the same, though different at least from the past 10 years. And the condensing of qualifying to a single weekend and fewer practice days makes for a short “month.”

By the time I really got going in the 80s, the glory days of “run what you brung” were already pretty much gone forever. It’s probably why the 60s and 70s are my favorite era to model – all the cars were unique, and had their own quirks and style. Innovation at its best. If someone could come up with a way to go faster, go for it.

But still, it’s May once again. And there are plenty of storylines, as always. And the Speedway beckons. If you've never been, it's hard to imagine just how big a place it is. So whether you are into Monaco, Charlotte or especially Indy, start your engines!


  1. Is it as good as they say, the atmosphere etc.....I have always wanted to see this race and a superbowl game in the flesh!

  2. Let's just say Indy probably isn't always necessarily the best race on the calendar, but it is by far the best event. It remains the largest single day sporting event in the world in terms of on-site attendance. World Cup, Olympics, etc. may be considered bigger, but take weeks to play out in multiple venues. Come on over, I'd be glad to show you around!