Friday, May 25, 2012

Fast Friday: Happy Carb Day!

Happy Carb Day!

Much like Fast Friday last week, Carb Day is another Indianapolis Motor Speedway tradition. Historically it was used as a final check of the carburetors before the race. Although modern technology has rendered that point moot, the name has stuck.

I have gone down early enough to be at the track on Carb Day before, but alas, this year is not one of them. They will run the final Indycar practice this morning, then the Indy Lights race, pit stop challenge and concerts. A fun day in all. Then the Hoosier Hundred is tonight at the State Fair Grounds.

I’ll be heading out later today after work, setting up camp tonight in the dark before a full day at the track Saturday and the race Sunday. The bad news is, it’s supposed to be really, really hot. They are saying 94 Saturday and 94 Sunday. And it always feels hotter at the track, what with all the concrete and people. Planning on drinking lots of water.

Not much in the way of posts this week, but I do have a few hobby related updates:
·      Mustang – Got two rough estimates this week of $12,000 and $15,000. Not gonna happen. Talked to another guy last night that didn’t give a price, but sounds more like what I need. Retired guy, does it mostly for friends and family. It’s a former co-worker of a neighbor. Wish me luck.
·      Car modeling – I hope to see a bunch of that crew at Indy this weekend, several will be attending  memorabilia show. Not a model show in the true sense of the word, but close enough!
·      CY6 – Got some paint laid down on some Japanese and Chinese. Need to do some detail paint and decals, etc.

With that, have a great weekend, everyone!

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