Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pondering Hobbies and Life

Happy Leap Day, everyone. It's probably not a good idea to base a blog on something I overheard my wife say, but here goes.

She was on the phone the other night with her mother, and part of the conversation I caught was her commenting on the fact she has no hobbies. Not that she has a plethora of free time, mind you. Between taking care of two kids (and me) and work, she’s just as tuckered out as the rest of us by the end of the day. Instead, I think she was commentating on a desire for something more fulfilling. A hobby.

Of course, the conversation turned to the fact that I have too many! It’s true. I’m never bored. Well, maybe some days at work, but that’s generally more of a content issue. Think about it. When not chasing the kids or life around, I’m either working on a model car, painting up some minis, brewing some beer or working on the car, amongst other things. Gardening, for example. Or cooking. Or I’m conducting research in support of one of the above. From her viewpoint, oftentimes these hobbies seem an endless source of frustration. (Why can’t I get a paint job on this car to lay down smoothly!?)

She likes to read. (So do I, but I don’t get to as much as I used to.) She tried drawing for a while, and working with clay. Neither seemed to stick. She doesn’t really have any interest in what I do. Well, except gardening. Which she’s very good at. She’s also into home redecorating, which I’m not into all that much, and can get expensive. (Not that Mustang restoration is cheap…)

She insists she might exercise more if I did it with her. But I’m too lazy. No check that, I’m too preoccupied with my hobbies to take time out to exercise.

I guess I’m not sure what my point is here, and I’m not really sure what to tell her. Perhaps it’s all about finding balance, and a journey we must all take on our own. That, and stopping every now and then to remind ourselves that our hobbies are supposed to be fun. When they start to seem like work, or that start to add stress to our lives rather than remove it, we have to start questioning the value. And boy, is the Mustang there right now.


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