Monday, February 27, 2012

Fast Friday: Monday Edition - Daytona 500

The events of last week preempted Fast Friday, but then the rains came to Daytona, so I can still get this in before the green flag!

I can't believe NASCAR has never run a race on a weeknight in primetime. Well, tonight just might be the night, and at the biggest race of the year for them. I'll catch a NASCAR race here and there throughout the year, or maybe bits and pieces, but Daytona is one I'll make an effort to watch. Most years, that means settling into a comfy chair next to a fire while snow flies. Maybe with a book, maybe not. Maybe with an adult beverage, maybe not.

Yesterday I thought I'd miss it since they said they'd try to run it at noon on Monday, smack in the middle of a work day. Then the rains continued, and they pushed back for a 7 p.m. start. Could be a blessing in disguise - and a ratings bonanza. Plus I can watch. If it doesn't rain again.

So today I give you a photo of the bulk of my NASCAR model collection. A heart well-done to the reader who can identify the over-arching theme here...

As for the Mustang, I talked to the new candidate to do the work. I didn't realize at first he's the guy who did the floors on my brother-in-laws '66. He did a nice job, but said he didn't want to do another one because they are such a pain. He talked about a good number for an hourly rate, but cautioned there are lots of hours involved here. He's going to do some calculating and get back with me.

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