Friday, February 3, 2012

Fast Friday: Super Bowl Sunday

Yes, it's Super Bowl weekend once again. This year's game is being held in Indianapolis, which makes it possible to tie it in with to me a far more interesting sport: racing.

Several of the ancillary events have been held at the Speedway, but perhaps the coolest thing they've done is paint a bunch of race cars up in the colors of each NFL team. Apparently only New York and New England get the new DW12 while everyone else gets the now-obsolete Dallaras, but it still looks pretty cool.

Personally, I don't care much at all who wins. I'll probably indulge in my usual big pot of chili and plop on the couch to watch the commercials.

Other plans for the weekend more consistent with the hobbies include attending a model show over in Bay City. I don't really need any new kits, but over the years I have scored some good deals there. Plus it's a good chance to see some quality models. I tend not to enter anything because, frankly, I don't want to spend all day over there.

The full lineup. Shouldn't they be in rows of three?

Patriots DW12.
Giants DW12.

And the Lions. The only non-expansion team to never even play
in the Super Bowl, much less win one.

Also, remind me one of these days to provide an update on the Mustang. That's turning into a strange and mysterious tale.

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