Monday, February 6, 2012

Mid-Michigan Model Show Report

This past Saturday I attended the annual model contest put on by the Mid-Michigan Model Makers. It's always good to see what kinds of things others are working on, as well as to check out the offerings of so many vendors in one location!

While the location isn't the best (it's kind of dark and dingy, not always the best for showing off fine pieces of art), there was once again a strong turnout with lots of quality work on display. Though curiously, very few ships once again. I think if I ever do get back into entering models, maybe I should do a ship? (I haven't entered the contest in years. Not so much because of any issues with judging, that all seems fine, it's just honestly I don't want to hang around that long. :) )

What did I buy? Not much, really. A few bits of Evergreen tube, a Lindberg '37 Cord (hopefully to use as the '37 Indy Chief Observer's car) and a '28 Lincoln Gangbusters kit. Allegedly parts from that can be used in a Marmon Wasp. Probably a long-term project there! I very, very seriously considered a Jo-Han '31 Cadillac Cabriolet that can be converted to a '31 pace car, but I decided to hold for now. Some day.

Here are some photos, in no particular order, and with no pretense of knowing who built them...

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