Friday, February 17, 2012

Fast Friday: A.J. Foyt 1987 Oldsmobile

Yes, it’s true: I actually finished a model.

Here is A.J. Foyt’s 1987 Oldsmobile. This one had been on the bench for a long time, certainly longer than the 10 laps the car actually lasted in the Daytona 500. He started 41st and finished 42nd after a spark plug failure. Foyt did go on to run five more races that season, but only finished one of them. Still, not bad for a guy 52 years old at that point.

This model fought me quite a bit. And created a mystery when I went to install the right side of the chassis, and noticed everything forward of the firewall was flat out missing. I could have sworn it was there when I started. I ended up pulling one off of an old early 80s Monte Carlo glue bomb I had. The most frustrating moment, though, had to be at the very end. First I noticed some wrinkling of the decals after putting on a coat of Future, and then after I put in the windshield with “safe” glue, a small drop seeped out and lifted the paint on the cowling! Grrr. It almost hit the wall at that point. But, some careful masking, airbrushing and polishing and it’s close enough.

I also think the headlight buckets and wheels are wrong for this car (I think they should be five-hole wheels), but I just needed to clear it off the bench. Monogram kit (the Wynn’s Kmart car) with Testors lacquer paint (Chevy engine orange) and Powerslide decals.

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