Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Turn the Dark On

The Dark Ages. Whew. I haven't pulled these out in quite a while. But after talking to my buddy a few weeks ago about Saga, and resisting him trying to talk me into buying some plastic Saxons, I thought I would take a peek to see what I have already. Just in case Saga comes to a gaming table near me, of course.

The verdict is, I think I could probably put something together based on what I have read about the game, at least in terms of Vikings and Picts. I have a start on Saxons, and have a more (Black Tree Design) that I could paint up.

The bulk of the Picts are from Gripping Beast, along with some from Foundry. The Vikings are a mix of Old Glory and Gripping Beast, while the Saxons are also a mix of those two manufacturers, along with the aforementioned BTD.

The full spread, Picts on the left, Saxons in the middle and Vikings on the right.

A Pict mounted leader. (Gripping Beast)

King Harold his ownself. (Gripping Beast)

A Viking leader type. (Gripping Beast_
I will try to put some specific numbers up on the Dark Ages page soon, but for now here are some photos to whet the appetite. This remains a lower priority project, but it is on the radar and these shall not be passed along to the Moving Out eBay pile.

Oh, and to explain the post title: One of my little girls doesn't quite get the lights go on and off, only that light comes on and then dark comes on. So at bedtime, she tells mom and dad to "turn the dark on." Gotta love it.

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