Monday, October 10, 2011

Mustang Update

First, a quick update on the Mustang. I met with the body man Friday morning. A few of the highlights:
1. He thinks he can salvage the doors. He says they are pretty solid, except, of course the low corners. We might lose a little of the texture there, but you can't really see that unless you get down and look anyway. It will be cheaper to keep the originals, and we know they fit. We decided if it's not working, we can always order new ones.
2. We decided to go ahead and replace all engine bay aprons, keeping only the shock towers (which need some minor patching. The lips were a little worse than we thought, and after a second opinion from his new employee (with 30+ years experience), we thought it best. They really aren't all that much, and will be nicer. The radiator support is solid, which is good.
3. We ordered the other parts we'll need, ranging from quarters and fenders to bumper arm supports and a complete body bolt kit. It will all be truck shipped direct to the body shop. It was pricey, but maybe a little less than I feared.
4. He has a line on a guy in Flint that rechromes bumpers. He had a customer that just had it done on a Galaxie and he said they turned out really nice and were not outrageously expensive. Need to look into that.
5. I got basically nothing done on the motor. I cleaned out the bulk of the sludge in the oil pan, but it still needs a serious scrubbing. And I was getting frustrated with my sandblaster, which was blowing air but not picking up the sand. Guess that's what I get from Harbor Fright.

So all told, lots of cash outlay last week with minimal tangible progress. But progress nonetheless.

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