Thursday, October 20, 2011

Moving Out, Part 2

Well, Moving Out part 1 proved to be a success. Three of the five items I put up on the bay last week sold, generating ~$75 to the general hobby fund. I have a few more items ending Saturday, including these classic looking Old Glory English medieval types.

I think these must have been some of Old Glory's earliest efforts. They're really not bad minis. They check in at what appears to be a true 25 mm. I had delusions at one point of doing the Scottish wars, Braveheart and all that. But this is about as far as it ever got, and so, it's time to move them out! No bids yet, but hopefully someone out there will give them a good home. I have many more of the unpainted variety, ready to not be naked anymore!

For those readers interested in what else is up for sale, check me out at macsparty2 on the bay. I have quite a few odds and ends to put up, including some more Indians (American west variety) and even a handful of Foundry Greeks and Persians.

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