Friday, January 26, 2018

Going Viking

Like most gamers, I suffer from period ADD. I shudder sometimes when I look at how many periods  I have started. But it seems no matter how distracted I get with other projects, I always seem to come back to Saga and the Dark Ages.

So here is the latest addition, some northmen who have clearly exemplify the true meaning of the word Viking. It's all about the plunder, both in coin and in flesh. These were not pleasant times, clearly. I figure these are probably some Irish about to be sold off into who knows what. I thought the pretty flowers provide a nice contrast to an ugly scene.

These are Dixon figures, as you can probably tell by the very Dixon looking horse. They are painted with the usual blend of Vallejo and Testors paints.

My daughter did not like these figures. She felt bad for the kids and wondered what the man is going to do to them. She really didn't like it when I said he was going to sell them. She liked it even less when I suggested we sell her! (I kid, I kid. Don't send protective services after me. She's not for sale. Besides, no one would buy her. LOL.)

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