Monday, November 24, 2014

Dropping the Checkers on the 2014 Season

Another racing season is officially over. Well, for all intents and purposes it has been over for me since September with the end of the Indy car season, but there was still that matter of NASCAR and F1 to go. While the chase still seems silly, the F1 championship is still something worth noting, so well done, Lewis Hamilton.

I'm not the biggest F1 fan in the world, considering most of them to be prima donnas compared to the Indy drivers. But that said, the machines are phenomenal examples of technology at its best, and frankly, I do kinda like Lewis Hamilton. I dunno, just seems like a decent enough bloke, if I can speak the language a bit. He may not be as popular as past champions, and he certainly benefits from being on a dominant team, but he still had to go out and do it.

With that, I offer a humble challenge. (Which, coming from a mere American racing fan I'm sure isn't worth a nickel, but I offer it anyway.) Lewis Hamilton has joined an elite group now consisting of four British drivers with multiple F1 titles to their credit. The three others, Jim Clark, Graham Hill and Jackie Stewart also all competed at Indy, with Clark and Hill getting wins. (Well, Hill's can be argued as by default, but nonetheless...)

So what do you say, Lewis? Fancy an entry in the 500? I'd be all for it!

In the meantime, only five months until May.

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