Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Going Coastal: Some of the Mosquito Fleet

Here's something a little different: WW2 coastal! US PT boats, to be precise. Which led to a brief debate, is this or is this not obscure? My erstwhile opponent Jon's first reaction was, "Oh, another obscure topic for you!" I countered with, "Sure, if you consider the titanic struggle between the United States and Japan across the vastness of the Pacific to be obscure. Most people have heard of it." :)

77' Elcos
80' Elcos
At any rate, these are 1/600 scale resin models from the PT Dockyard. A bit fiddly to clean up some of the small guns and such, but ridiculously easy to paint. I think the end result looks great!

Here we have two early war 77' Elco PT boats, done up in Measure 5 (dark gray) paint. I could use these for some actions in the Philippines, or maybe New Guinea? The other three are '80 Elcos done up in an earlier setup with torpedo tubes, and without the heavy armament that comes later. I do have three of those almost done that will make excellent barge busters. These are painted straight up with Testors medium green.

Speaking of which, I also have about half dozen Daihatsu barges painted up (no pics yet...) and am working on a couple of 1/700 Japanese destroyers. I plan on testing these out with the Flaklighter rules, hopefully before the holidays.

Another option is to incorporate these into a CY6 game.

Which reminds me, I haven't been neglecting that, either. In addition to some P-400s for the Cactus Air Force, I am back to trying to improve the flight stands to better show altitude. And perhaps ever better, I received some 1/1850 ship counters from Topside Miniatures that will look great on the CY6 hex map and serve very well as targets. They also currently have a Kickstarter going for Atlantic fleets. Tempting....

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