Monday, November 3, 2014

Saving the Saxon Village from Marauding Vikings

Sunday I was lucky enough to get in another game of Saga with good 'ol Jon. Despite him being able to seemingly call down all the gods from Asgaard for assistance using the Saga battleboard, and some uncharacteristic good dice rolling on his part, my Saxons were finally able to do in his warlord and save the day. The villagers are safe once again!

We were actually a little confused about inflicting hits on the warlord, and may still not have done it right. But so it goes. I need to look that up some more.

There are still some rules that puzzle us, like the uphill attacks and use of cover, etc., but as has been pointed out, Saga is first and foremost a GAME. It's fun. So we go with it.

I have some Dark Age civilian types on the table that I hope to use as future objectives - monks, women, etc. And I still have a bunch of unpainted Normans, but am inspired really to get a few more Vikings and paint them up. I also need to do something about a Scots/Irish faction. Ah, the list never ends!

Without further ado, the photos...

Goose for supper? Maybe when we're done.

Overview of the battle. Crops are carpet samples from Menard's. :)

My warlord, surveying the scene.

Saxon hearthguard.

More Saxon hearthguard - freshly painted BTD with incomplete bases.

I like how he turned out. Looks like he's been in a few scraps.

Come on, you pagans!

The warlord, joined by his brave warriors.

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