Monday, November 10, 2014

Getting the Young Ones Rolling Dice

Last week I introduced my daughters to the thrill of determining combat results by rolling a die! OK, so it was a LEGO game. And the variable outcomes are pretty much limited to a sword = you win, and a shield = you lose, but still.

This is one of the LEGO Heroica line of games. I've had this one, and one other for a while, but waited to get them out for the girls. They actually had a ball. Seems wandering through the Harduk forest in search of the evil wizard king, battling spiders and werewolves along the way, is just there thing. Hmmmm. Wonder where they get that from!

Though the game is quite simplistic, there are some strategies involved, and the girls were pretty quick to pick up on them. What route to take, how to deal with magic teleporting doors to your advantage, how to use the magic potion to your advantage, etc. I'm a proud dad. :) Heck, one even caught me in an overlooked rule. "Um, dad, aren't you supposed to move back one after you lose?" Oh yeah, you caught me!

We ran through it a few times, and each one was a little different. They got a little boisterous, climbing ON the table and such, which will be frowned upon at a con, but hey, we were having fun. I think they will like some other games, like a My Little Pony card game, but that requires more reading. LEGO kept it simple - count the pips and look at the symbols and off you go. I'm looking at adding some more challenging house rules, like variable numbers of dice needed based on monster level, etc. And I'm looking to add a couple more of the modules. All in all a fun time.

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