Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What does 2015 have in store?

A week in to the new year, and with no posts in December, I’d say it’s about time to mention some of my thoughts on what to do in 2015.


Ha! Isn’t that the gamer/hobbyists continual goal? Squirrel!

Anyway, in addition to getting back to producing some Indy car models, here are some thoughts as to where I might go with some gaming-related activities in 2015:

·      CY6: I picked up some of the great looking flats from Topside Miniatures that should work great in games involving attacks on ships. And I started work on some variable altitude stands. I plan on picking up the latest scenario book, Floatplane Hell, and some more planes to go with it. Certainly one of my favorite periods/topics, and this remains a likely candidate to see some tabletop action this year. I also have some WWI planes to get that going.
·      Coastal: As seen a few posts back, I actually painted some PT boats and Japanese Daihatsu barges, and have picked up a few other items as well. I’m not sure when I will get a game in, but basically I have enough to go whenever I get a chance.
·      ACW: I think I might give Regimental Fire & Fury a closer look. I have enough for a decent game now, and so many unpainted regiments in the box it scares me.
·      AWI: Yup. Always on the list. Still one of my favorites, if infrequently visited these days periods. Nothing really on the “to buy” list at the moment, but again a scary amount of unpainted figs.
·      WW2: This has been a focus of late, and will likely remain so. Let’s see, in the stash are Americans, more Germans, some more Brits, plenty of French, Soviets, and what’s this? Slovakians? Why not? And with some Hungarian tanks on the way, and hopefully some Winter War Finns and Russians, this could keep me busy for a long, long time.
·      Dark Ages/Saga: Oh, yeah. I probably got more games of this in in 2014 than anything else. This is a bloody fun game. Definitely going to keep this up.
·      FIW: Muskets & Tomahawks. Must paint what I have!
·      Seminole Wars: See above. I have much to paint.
·      Wild West: This period is as much fun to play, if not moreso, than Saga. Why I don’t do more I don’t know. I would like some more buildings, though. Someday, this could be epic.
·      Pulp: Kind of like Wild West. I have enough to get a game of Pulp Alley started, and I’d really like to. My basic plan remains the Great White North, as in adventures with Mounties, etc. Classic stuff. But now I’m also looking at some retro Sci Fi type of action. Anyone want in?

Some other areas that may or may not reach the top of the pile:
·      Modern naval: Oof. I really need to make a post on this topic alone one of these days.
·      WW2 naval: Easy enough to put on a game, but I’m not sure I have any plans to expand my base of 1/4800 ships anytime soon.
·      Age of Sail: Rigging, rigging and rigging! Nothing slows me down like rigging. J Maybe. I see Osprey has a set of rules coming out this year. We’ll see.
·      Liberators: These are beautiful minis from Grenadier Productions, and a fascinating story. It just seems to get lost in the shuffle.
·      War of 1812: Remains a back of mind interest, and I have a few odds and ends figs. Still a possibility. Someday. (Ha! Isn’t that what we all say?)
·      Pirates: I continue to have delusions of doing this, but quite frankly I couldn’t get into the Seven Seas rules I bought. I don’t know. I like ‘em, but have no current plans for ‘em.
·      Aztecs: Kind of like pirates. This period fascinates me, but gaming it seems daunting. I’m becoming more convinced this project will never take off.
·      WWI: I’d love to get these back on the table. I still have a reasonable size collection. Just without a set of rules that has really grabbed me yet, I can’t see it happening in the near future.
·      Ancients: Somewhere I have some 15mm Greeks wallowing in a box. Poor fellows.
·      Donnybrook: I have nothing but a continued delusional interest in starting this. Must resist temptation…
·      Lion Rampant: Crap. I just ordered these. Sigh. Here we go down another rabbit hole…

Man, upon typing all of that up, I feel like some sort of deranged lunatic. I have all of that? I really should start paring down and focusing. But what fun would that be?

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