Friday, January 9, 2015

Black Tree Design Stepping Up Its Game

The bulk of my dark age figures used for Saga come from Black Tree Design, along with some from Gripping Beast and Artizan, and some that have been lying around from Old Glory for ages. I took advantage of BTD's most recent sale to place a small order to fill in some gaps, and this is what arrived yesterday.

The most obvious addition is the nice tin, which will certainly be put to use storing something. Maybe markers for use in Saga?

And the labels on the bags are a simple addition, but lend a whole new level of professionalism to the whole thing. Necessary? No, not really. But nice? Oh, definitely.

The figures themselves, as usual, are excellent. I have no idea who sculpted these, or how old they are, but they still look good. I have several WW2 figs from them, which some are better than others there, to be honest, but the dark age stuff has all been great and paints up exceptionally well.

It appears Black Tree is open to suggestions for how to improve. I've heard horror stories about delivery times in the past, which must be mainly in Europe. I've never had an issue in several orders in the U.S. So, if I had two thoughts to convey, it might be:
  1. Expansion of the dark age ranges, particularly the Scots, who need command for sure, and some heavier equipped warriors, and maybe some cavalry
  2. Resin WW2 vehicles
So if you haven't before, give Black Tree a look. I wish them well, and can't wait to see what they do next.

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