Tuesday, January 13, 2015

104th New York

"Those are big flags for little poles." So sayeth my daughter. And she's right. I should have done something about those poles. Like made some longer ones. But oh well, I was to the point I just wanted to get these guys done, and attaching the flags was the very last step. So they are done.

Figures are Dixon, with the usual blend of Testors and Vallejo paints. This was intended as a "generic" Union regiment to fill in wherever needed. Looking through the stash of flags, I came upon the 104th New York, which sounded good enough. As near as I can tell that's not a zouave regiment, or part of anything unique like an Irish Brigade or an Iron Brigade.

Someday I will actually get all of these on the table. I haven't completely settled on a ruleset, but given today's news of John Hill's passing, I think I will dig out Johnny Reb III tonight and take another look. It seemed a good day to post a pic of these guys as well. Like so many, I can trace my interest in the hobby back to Squad Leader, so John Hill's legacy is secured.

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